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FlashTalkSM Topics

Delivered by scientific experts, FlashTalksSM are in-depth, 30-60 minute seminars with topics ranging from experimental protocols and individual instruments, to entire research platforms.

FlashTalksSM are a FREE service to the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and research institutes. If you are interested in additional topics, please contact BVS at 602 814-3412 or via email at

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Current FlashTalkSM Topics

Ambion Inc
  • Fast, Accurate qRT-PCR without RNA Isolation
  • Gene expression Profiling in Microdissected Tissues
  • MicroRNA and Cancer
  • New Technology for Gene Expression Analysis on Microdissected Tissue
  • siRNA Case Studies: siRNA delivery, pathway analysis, and applications of siRNA libraries
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
  • 2D-DIGE Technology: Multiplexing 2D-Electrophoresis for the Analysis of Differential Protein Expression
  • Bright Ideas: Fluorescence and applications with CyDyeTM fluors
  • Gene Expression with CodeLink Bioarrays
  • GenomiPhi: Representative Whole Genome Amplification
  • New technologies in western blotting
  • Quantitative Fluorescence
  • Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification
  • Rolling Circle Amplification with TempliPhi: Never do Mini-Preps Again!
  • Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA): An alternative to radiometric filter binding assays
  • Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA): Rapid Homogeneous Detection with Multiple Applications
AVIVA Biosciences
  • Automated electrophysiology for HERG testing - early assessment of cardiac liabilities
  • Automated Electrophysiology for HERG Testing: Early Assessment of Cardiac Liabilitities
Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Bio-Plex Suspension Array Technology Offering High Content Multiplex Capability for both nucleic acids and proteins. Analyze up to 100 biomolecules in a single 20uL sample.
  • Recent Developments in Real Time PCR
Analytik Jena US LLC
  • Shedding the Light: Functional HTS GPCR Screening Using Lumax Technology.
  • The CyBio NanoJet, a novel 8 or 16 channel dispenser ideal for nanoliter volumes for compound library profiling applications
Upstate Chemicon and Linco now a part of Millipore
  • Arthrogen - A superior monoclonal antibody-based mouse model of arthritis induction
  • Custom Antibody Production - Full monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies production, purification and conjugation services
  • EX-CYTE cell culture media supplement - Reduce animal serum use and boost growth and productivity
  • G Protein-Coupled Receptor drug discovery tools: Membrane preps and calcium-enhanced stable cell lines
  • Other Presentations: Stem Cell Research Products, CD Markers, Apoptosis Kits and reagents, Custom Peptides, Methylation Products and More
  • The ATA-100 Tissue Arrayer - A pathologist-friendly instrument for making high quality tissue arrays
  • SeqPrep: A novel single plate method for Plasmid and Fosmid DNA purification
EMD Millipore Chemicals
  • Apoptosis
  • Protein Expression
  • Protein Kinases, Protein Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation
  • Protein Microarrays
  • Sample Preparation of Native Proteins
  • Sample Preparation of Recombinant Proteins
Guava Technologies now a part of Millipore
  • A Novel Capillary Flow Cytometer for Benchtop Cellular Analysis
  • Compound Profiling & Hybridoma Screening with the Guava PCA-96 system
  • Using the Guava PCA-96 Blue System for GFP Expression - Transfection
Invitrogen part of Life Technologies
  • Advances in Serum Free and Serum Reduced Medias
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Drug Discovery Technologies
  • Flp-InTM System - Generating Stable Mammalian Cell Lines
  • Gateway Cloning Technology
  • High-Efficiency PCR & RT-PCR
  • High-Efficiency Transfection
  • I-SAGE Technology
  • New Protein and Nucleic Acid Detection Systems
  • Protein Gel Systems and ZOOM 2-D Technology
  • RNA interference: Development of tools for effective gene silen
  • Techniques in RT-PCR and QRT-PCR
  • Two Dimensional Analysis of Protein Electrophoresis
Irvine Scientific
  • Rational Media Design
Teledyne ISCO Inc
  • Flash chromatography purification of high pka organic compounds with Iscos specialty Redisep columns
  • Tactics for Optimized Purification, Automated Flash Chromatography
  • Cell based Drug Transport: Caco-2 cells and MDCK cells
  • Compound library solubility
  • Drug Discovery Seminars for ADME
  • High Throughput Caco-2 and other non-cell based Permeability Assays
  • High Throughput Genomics (Sequencing cleanup, PCR Cleanup, Plasmid & BAC Preps)
  • Kinase Assays (96 well format and 384 well format)
  • Migration, Invasion, & Chemotaxis
  • Non-Cell based Drug Transport
  • Plasma protein drug binding (Free vs. Bound)
  • Protein Processing and Ultrafiltration Technology
  • Receptor: Ligand Binding
  • Total Drug Analysis by Protein Precipitation
  • Winning Westerns
Miltenyi Biotec Inc
  • Capturing cytokines: Dead or Alive?
  • Isolating biomolecules using magnetic particles
  • Using paramagnetic particles to isolate virtually and cell type
Molecular Devices now part of Danaher Corporation
  • Applications using ultra-fast fluorescence measurements
  • Benefits of spectral scanning for fluorescence assays
  • Nucleic acid quantitation in a microplate format - Theory and Recommendations
  • Softmax PRO software for microplate analysis
  • Theory and applications using fluorescence polarization
Beckman Coulter Genomics - GENEWIZ
  • Combining metabolomics with gene expression and tissue analysis to define biomarkers of liver injury
  • Improving Toxicogenomics Through Data Integration
Promega Corporation
  • In Vitro Expression (TnT)
  • Luminescence Technologies for HTS
  • New High Throughput Kinase Assay Technologies
  • RNAi
Mettler-Toledo Rainin LLC
  • Applications, Pipette and Tip Selection for Achieving Better Results and Greater Productivity
  • Improving Pipetting Techniques for Better Accuracy and Performance
  • Pipette Calibration and Preventive Maintenance: A Reality Check
  • Pipetting, Ergonomics, and You
Roche Applied Science
  • Improving the Accuracy of Quantitative PCR Data
  • Protein Expression: Cell-Based and Cell-Free Methods
  • Quantitative PCR - Relative gene expression pitfalls and considerations
  • SNP Genotyping - A Rapid and Simple Method
  • Tools for the Study of Apoptosis, Cell Death, and Cell Proliferation
  • Universal ProbeLibrary Workshop for qPCR Assay Design
StemCell Technologies Inc
  • Culture, Identification and Separation of Mesenchymal cells
  • Hematopoietic Progenitor Assay
  • Investigation of the Proliferative and Differential Potential of Adult Stem Cells
Tecan US Inc
  • Automated Cell Seeding & Maintenance - Cellerity
  • Automated Protein and DNA Microarray slide hybridizations with the HS4800 and HS400 hybridization stations
  • Fluorescence lifetime detection for improved hit rates and the reduction of false positives and compound interference in microplate HTS assays
  • Full Automation of Assays - ELISA and PCR Set-up
  • Full Automation of Protein Crystallization
  • Introducing the new SAFIRE2 modular microplate reader. The first spectral scanning reader for R&D through HTS to offer the speed and flexibility of multiple detection channels and modes in an upgradeable, expandable, platform
  • Ion Channel Assay development using the TECAN GENios Pro microplate reader and Voltage Sensitive Fluorescent Probes from Invitrogen
  • Liquid Handling for Synthesis Applications
  • Mutation Discovery Techniques

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